“When we free ourselves we are not freed into a void. When we free ourselves we are freed into a dimension in which Art is an obligation.”— Terence McKenna


Dino Pour


OUTPSYD is a Persian artist based in Srilanka. He started his artistic journey as a traditional clay sculptor from a young age. After receiving his academic master's degree as an architect in 2012 from E.M.U (Cyprus) University, he became active in the psychedelic art scene. His strong friendships with Visionary artists inspired him to continue his artistic journey as Outpsyd from 2014, supporting Visionary art and other artists around the globe by spreading their art through physical prints and a fashion label. In 2019; He started creating digital art by mixing his passion as a sculptor with the digital world as he was fascinated to give another life to his visions and stories. Outpsyd's unique style of mystical-futurism is immediately recognizable; his artwork is known for its multi-detailed sculptures and otherworldly concepts. you can Find outpsyd's NFTs on SuperRare.com and  Foundation.app

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